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Here at PayPal, we believe in using science and technology as an enabler for serving business needs, and shaping the Future of Money. PayPal Innovation Lab collaborates with Institutes of Higher Learning to nurture the next generation of Singapore’s FinTech research and technology talents. The students gain access to PayPal’s greatest minds, resources, and experience, while developing technologies and know-how for tomorrow’s FinTech industry.

We strive to perform game-changing FinTech research with Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Information Systems experts to bring about the Future of Money.

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Current Research Projects

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Detecting fraud through the reinforcement of security of mobile devices used to carry out digital payments, preventing adversaries from stealing accounts or making fraudulent transactions through security loopholes introduced by phishing, malwares and spywares.
Leveraging data science techniques to obtain non-obvious insights of closed-loop payment networks by measuring the value, strength, and health of the networks to uncover new or untapped potential in the communities, allowing more targeted services to be rendered.
Tapping on the wealth of information that marketplaces, online blogs and forums, and other social media platform brings to provide a novel credit risk scoring for small and medium businesses that have little access to working capital loans due to the lack of transactional data.
Harnessing the potential of blockchain to do things faster and at a fraction of the cost. Customer registration processes may be shortened, opening more doors to services that are difficult to access now and eliminating the hassle of onboarding.
Developing real-time, adaptive machine learning based detection framework that catches sophisticated digital gift card fraud to reduce transaction misclassification, lower financial losses and meet compliance requirements.
Designing a smart financial goal setting feature that uses novel data science technique to draw insights from user’s past consumption patterns, and make customized recommendations so as to better help the underbanked manage their personal finances and achieve their saving goals.
Evaluating the many ways to leverage the latest Transport Layer Security standard into PayPal data centres to improve connection security while maintaining traffic insight (joint collaboration between the PayPal Innovation Lab and PayPal Advanced Security Lab).
Utilizing existing functionalities in trusted hardware module to move data securely to cloud with advanced key management features.
Incorporating more vibrant information such as online ratings and reviews by consumers for merchants into risk assessments to provide PayPal a more robust and comprehensive profile of merchants.
Using novel graph embedding network technology to perform anomaly detection of behaviour to flag out bad actors and comprised machines, allowing appropriate action to be taken when risky authentication situations happen.
Developing a robust attack-proof model using advanced adversarial learning techniques that hardens existing face recognition systems, preventing attacks.
Optimising computing resources through intelligent prediction of customer transaction behavior.
Devising a novel semi-supervised framework to enable machine learning models to learn more accurately with imperfect groundtruth.
Applying advanced functional encryption to provide fine-grained access control to encrypted data in the cloud.

Our Collaborators

NTU: Nanyang Technological University
SMU: Singapore Management University
NUS: National University of Singapore - School of Computing
NUS: National University of Singapore - Institute of Systems Science
SUTD: Singapore University of Technology and Design

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