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The PayPal Innovation Lab collaborates with government agencies and Trade Associations & Chambers to help SMEs overcome challenges which they may face in the current business environment. We help businesses go digital, use technology effectively and ultimately enable them to open up new markets domestically and internationally.

Business Outreach
Innovative Solutions
PayPal - Business Partnership

Business Outreach

Our SME Business Outreach program empowers SMEs with knowledge and best practices on going digital. We partner with Trade Associations & Chambers to run regular learning workshops and seminars on e-commerce, digital and social media marketing to help business owners understand and demystify the online and mobile environment.

Innovative Solutions

Our Innovative Solutions program addresses pain points and productivity gaps of small businesses with an emphasis on usability. We work with solution vendors, merchants and other partners to ensure a seamless end-to-end experience that drives successful conversions.

One example of such a solution is a self-service payment integration into e-ordering and e-menu systems used in restaurants. E-menu systems are not new, but by integrating direct payment at the table, restaurants are able to redeploy staff more effectively during peak hours. We do this simply by looking at where the biggest pain points are: In this case, we found that 40% of the service staff's trips were to and from the cash register. With self-service payment capabilities integrated with the e-ordering platform, customers are able to close their bills at the table and settle directly using PayPal One Touch™ on their smartphones; thereby allowing service staff to focus on recommending dishes and serving customers their orders.

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PayPal - Business Partnership

PayPal Business Challenge 2016
Since 2012, the PayPal Business Challenge which is started in San Jose has enabled small businesses and Non-Profit Organisations (NPO) to draw on the collective knowledge of PayPal employees to solve and overcome their everyday business challenges. Through this program we provide organisations an outside perspective while giving PayPal employees insight to small business operations, allowing us to design products and services that solve real world issues while driving value for our merchants and business partners.

The Singapore edition of PayPal Business Challenge started in 2015 and is a 4 month program that provides a platform for PayPal employees from different functions to apply their domain expertise and problem solving skills to help the businesses resolve their challenges.

In the PayPal Business Challenge:
  • Employee volunteers are granted 10% of the working time over 4 months to engage the small businesses or NPOs.
  • Business and NPO owners gain an outside perspective on their business.
  • PayPal employees gain direct exposure to our customers and an opportunity to understand and learn their needs.
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